V360 Marine Announces Partnership With Keelson Marine Assurance LLC

Last Update: October 20th, 2018

V360 Marine Ltd and Keelson Marine Assurance LLC have announced a global partnership which will see immersive technology applications developed for the maritime sector for a range of applications.

Keelson Marine LLC provides high quality marine consultancy to the local and worldwide maritime community and has a formidable reputation for providing the highest quality, impartial and independent advice throughout the industry. Senior Partner Mat Bateman said “We have been looking to explore the potential of immersive technology in our business for some time, in particular Virtual and Augmented reality. Having been in talks with V360 Marine and after visiting their digital lab in Media City UK we are delighted to be partnering with such an experienced and forward-thinking company. We pride ourselves in being able to provide our services without external conflict and V360 Marine wholly compliments this and we’re looking forward to being able to bring genuine positive disruption to the industry on a large scale.”


V360 Marine bring to the table a wealth of experience in the marine sector as well as other industries such as nuclear and construction and are established at the very forefront of immersive technology development and integration. CEO Sam Slater said “We are incredibly excited to be partnering with Keelson Marine, having a shared focus of prioritising value and quality to our clients through transparency and trust. Being able to combine the knowledge and experience from two different angles is a very powerful and rare opportunity and should bring a genuine step change in many areas of the marine and maritime industries and beyond”

The partnership has is indeed got huge potential and their respective market know how and position will provide a unique platform to develop ground breaking solutions. V360 Marine’s CTO, Rick Hooson said “We are already underway developing two applications we know will have a huge impact on the Oil & Gas sector which are also adaptable to other areas of the maritime industry. To be able to work alongside Mat and his team provides us with the ideas and technical opportunities in a fluid and agile environment – essential for efficient and effective development of commercial immersive technology applications”. Mat Bateman added “the experience you get when in the VR environment and using AR applications is instant and the applications are endless. We can’t wait to bring this technology to our Clients and develop the cost effective solutions this technology can lever in so many areas of our sector.

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A taste of the output from the newly formed partnership is planned to be showcased at the up and coming MTS Dynamic Positioning Conference in Houston, Texas in October this year. It is an exciting time for both companies but even more so for the maritime industry. Digitisation and the deployment of immersive technologies is more advanced in other industries such as automotive and construction and the benefits are very real. The global shift to digitisation is well underway and the newly formed partnership will look to introduce the technology where it is most effective and bring the most value to future clients across the maritime industry.

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