Location of the Shenzhen Intl Boat Show 2018

The 2018 Shenzhen International Boat Show (SIBEX) runs from October 18th – 21st, 2018 at the Shenzhen Sevenstar Yacht Club.

The Seven-Star Yacht Club is located on Dapeng Peninsula, leaning against the state-level geological park Qiniang Mountain and sitting on the nice harbor of quality waters.


A Five-Star plus hotel and chamber, catering, accommodation, entertainment, business and leisure vacation in one. It covers a total area of 310,000 ㎡, of which the land area 220,000㎡ and harbor waters 90,000㎡. It owns 300 parking spaces and the only helipad in Shenzhen.

It is currently the largest yacht club in Shenzhen, of comparatively perfect facilities.The marina of Seven-Star Yacht Club is called the most beautiful marina in China, the unique natural semi-concave harbor at home. The water depth of its harbor basin is 5.8m, which can accommodate 150-foot yachts and sailboats.

During the 26th World Universiade in 2011, depending on its inherent advantages, the Seven-Star Yacht Club acted as the venue for marine sports, mainly undertaking games of sailboats, windsurfing and open water swimming, where the first gold medal of the Universiade emerged.

SIBEX China (Shenzhen) Intl Boat Show
Shenzhen International Boat Show (SIBEX) was created in 2007 with a world-acclaimed on-land and on-water display of yachts and luxury lifestyle in one of China’s most premier private yacht club – Shenzhen Marina Club.
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