Barcolana Experience: Live the regatta from the front row with Musement

Last Update: October 15th, 2018

Musement’s technology enhances the Barcolana50 experience, allowing everyone to be a part of this world famous event.

Once again Trieste will be the capital of sailing thanks to the famous international regatta, the Barcolana, taking place from 5 to 14 October. Musement has been given the task of optimizing this experience for those involved in the event, both as spectators or participants. Once again, Barcolana50 will bring to its starting line the usual sailing enthusiasts, champions, small family boats and high-tech hulls, as well as many passionate sailors and curious participants.


The great regatta will officially take place on Sunday, 14 October, but starting from 5 October, many events will transform Trieste into a real festival of the sea. The previous edition of Barcolana was a record year with 2,101 registered boats, 25,000 sailors at sea and 300,000 spectators on the ground. This event became the biggest regatta in the world, with the largest number of boats at the same starting line.

The Barcolana Experience for everyone

Musement, in partnership with Barcolana and with the technical collaboration of Cividin Viaggi, has launched the Barcolana Experience: a series of activities that can be purchased both over the website. Among the various experiences, sailing enthusiasts can view the regatta from privileged locations, enjoy boat trips for two or more nights, and take part in exciting tours in the beautiful city of Trieste.

“Barcolana Experience is an extremely important tourism lever for Barcolana” said the president of the Velica Company of Barcola and Grignano, Mitja Gialuz.
“It will allow us to link our event to regional initiatives promo8ng local cultural heritage. Musement has the know-how and expertise to commercialize the event and help our audience find ways to experience the regatta and the city at its best. Spectators can follow the regatta by sailboat, motorboat or even helicopter. Our goal is to organize a great event, but also to promote Trieste and Friuli Venezia Giulia, and create value for the local economy. Trieste is also a gateway to Central Europe.”

By renewing the collaboration with Barcolana, Musement once again affirms its role as a tour operator in the world of sports tourism. Its offering is dedicated to a high-profile audience, with experiences ranging from the Giro d’Italia (Musement was the Official Travel Partner for the last three editions), to the best Golf Holidays in seven countries all over the world, and activities tailored to Running and Kitesurfing enthusiasts.
This collaboration is possible thanks to the implementation of the Musement widget on the Barcolana website, an essential tool for online sales and distribution.

“We are proud to be the Official Travel Partner of Barcolana for the third consecutive year”, comments Lorenzo de Salvo, Musement’s Head of Sport Area.
“In the last two years we have managed to involve not only sailing enthusiasts, but also people who have taken the opportunity to spend a few days discovering the beautiful city of Trieste and celebrating sailing and culture. Our goal for this year is to enhance this adventure with the launch of the unique Barcolana Experience, created for the 50th anniversary of the event, which combines sport and culture, ” De Salvo concludes.

Musement’s activities

Musement offers numerous options for the Barcolana. Some of the activities below will be available in the following weeks on Barcolana´s website; its range will be continuously updated alongside the new Barcolana Experience. There are three main areas of interest.

  • Experience Race makes it possible to directly participate in the Barcolana regatta, by purchasing a seat in a boat or an entire boat for Sunday, 14 October or for 2 days (Saturday and Sunday).
  • Experience Watch lets customers watch the regatta from different view points: a helicopter, dinghy, motorboat with brunch on board, along with several terraces overlooking the sea.
  • Experience Tours the visitors can experience the spirit of the Barcolana, as well as various tourist activities around Trieste during the week of the event, before the regatta starts on 14 October.

In addition to this, all customers will receive a special gid to remember Barcolana50.

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