Uniesse Yachts will be led by Marine Industry Veterans David Schwedel and Rafael Barca

Last Update: October 11th, 2018

Uniesse Marine Group, LLC, a Miami-based luxury motor yacht company, announced the acquisition of the assets of Uniesse Marine S.P.A. of Italy. Terms of the transaction are not disclosed.

Uniesse is at the upper echelon of the world’s leading semi-custom luxury motor yacht brands, with more than 500 yachts sold around the world for over a quarter-century.


The acquisition was led by Miami based SMB Investor, David Schwedel. The company will be operated by both David Schwedel and Rafael Barca.

“Uniesse is known throughout the world as a preeminent semi-custom luxury motor yacht brand,” said David Schwedel, Executive Director. “We are excited to present a newly designed line of luxury motor yachts from 49’ – 115’.”

Both Barca and Schwedel have hands-on experience with Uniesse for more than 15 years, and more than 75 years of combined experience in the marine industry. Rafael Barca originally introduced the Uniesse line to the United States in 1994, and was responsible for delivering more than 200 Uniesse motor yachts during that time.

“I only know of perhaps one or two other brands that can compare to Uniesse in terms of craftsmanship and quality,” said Mr. Barca, President for Uniesse Marine Group, LLC. “Uniesse will continue to be designed in America, and manufactured in Italy under our direction.”

The company is in the process of redesigning the entire Uniesse line of motor yachts. “We are excited to introducenew models in the coming years, with our first `reveal’ to come in time for the 2019 Boat Show season,” said Barca.

“We have streamlined operations, consolidated the manufacturing process, and are implementing technology applications which will dramatically enhance the owner/operator experience,” said Mr. Schwedel. “Customer service will be completely revamped as our top priority going forward.”

Uniesse is one of the world’s leading semi-custom, luxury motor yacht manufacturers offering a full line of proven, exemplar and performance hull designs from 49’ to 115’.
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