Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show 2011

Last Update: November 12th, 2018

The region’s largest annual mega marine event, the Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show, is taking place from 6 to 8 May at Sino Group’s Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club. Stepping into its fourteenth consecutive year, the show is bigger than ever with 60 exhibitors displaying over 80 top brands from worldwide manufacturers including Sunseeker, Azimut, Lagoon, Princess, Ferretti, Horizon, Beneteau, Sea Ray, Fairline, Pershing, Riva, Cranchi, Jeaneau, Meridian, Bavaria, CeeMag, Pama Yacht, Sea Spirit and more. With a total value of HK$500 million, the 80 boats range in value from HK$200,000 to HK$60 million apiece.

The opening ceremony was held in the afternoon today. Guests of Honour included Sir David Akers Jones, Mr. Roger Tupper, Director of Marine, Mr. Foong Seong Khong, Managing Director of Blu Inc Media (HK) Ltd, Mr. William Morgan, Deputy British Consul-General, Mr. Eric Fok, Vice President of Fok Ying Tung Group, and Mr. Albert Wu, General Manager of Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club.


Under the spotlight this year is the first appearance of the new concept boat CeeMag MK2 34-foot model which is worth HK$4.5 million. This Netherlands built convertible style boat is constructed entirely from aluminium and it weighs only 4,200kg with a sleek silver body that has been specially polished by hand. Two reliable Yanmar diesel engines are fitted with a rating of 630 hp, achieving a cruising speed of 42 knots per hour makes it one of the fastest yachts in the show this year.

Another highlight is the $63 million luxury motor yacht Predator 92, produced by top UK brand Sunseeker. This top-of-the-range yacht has an eye-catching sleek profile and is equipped with elegant and spacious cabins. With a cruising speed of 44 knots per hour, Predator 92 can reach Macau from Hong Kong in just 45 minutes.

Equally stunning is the Taiwan built motor yacht Horizon V76. Horizon is not only developing a brand of new high-efficiency SC solar yachts, but is also upgrading its current models with more green elements such as solar panels, low-power LED lights throughout the interior, rope lights in the overheads etc.

The biggest yacht in the show is Accelera 98, a 98-foot modern model produced in Mainland China, which is comparable to most of the prestigious brands in Europe. The continuous improvement of boat building technology and quality control in Mainland China has attracted a number of well-known international yacht brands. 
“The number of exhibitors from Taiwan and the mainland has increased dramatically over previous years and now represents 20% of the total. With Hong Kong’s status as an international financial centre in Asia and with the rapid economic growth of China, new European dealers are proactively exploring business opportunities in the Mainland through the connection with Hong Kong”, said Mr Albert Wu, General Manager of Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club.

In addition to the exciting marine leisure and water sports displays, the organiser arranged a fabulous catwalk show with top models Janet Ma and Mikki Yao showcasing the latest Jaeger spring/summer collection. To enrich the ambiance, a brand new four-door Aston Martin Rapide was placed in the middle of the center stage, together with Mr. Michael Wong leading his 10-pieces Big Band & Friends and performing for the guests.

Details of the Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show 2011 are as follows:

Public Admission Date: 7-8 May 2011 (Sat-Sun)
Time: 10:00am to 6:00pm
Venue: The Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club (1 Castle Peak Road, Castle Peak Bay)
Admission Fee: HK$20
Highlights: 7 May 2:45pm Opening Ceremony
3:00pm Jaeger Spring/Summer Fashion Show
3:20pm Live music by Michael Wong Big Band & Friends

Website: www.hongkongboatshow.com

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The Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club is the only yacht club in Hong Kong able to berth yachts as large as 230 feet and is rapidly becoming the Southern China Super Yacht Hub.
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