Nautic Tech International Forum Barcelona – StartUp Winner prize 100.000€

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During the Salon Náutico de Barcelona will take place the 1st Edition of the Nautic Tech International Forum, where you will find the best worldwide startups of the Nautic industry.

Looking for the best worldwide startups of the nautical industry Seed&Click and Salón Náutico de Barcelona as co-organizers present this international investment forum of the nautical industry.


Startups and entrepreneurs around the globe participate in the Nautic Tech International Investment Forum. The Nautic tech aims to boost the nautical industry from the city of Barcelona to the world, bringing together the best startups related to nautical industry on the current world scene.

Projects are based on at least one of the following areas:

Blue economy, Sustainability, Tourism, Logistic, Mobile application, IOT, Product, Digitalization, Education, Communication, Materials, Safety & Security, Manufacturing, Design 3D, Wearables, Geolocation, Services, Distribution, Boat management, Technology, Environmental protection, Big Data, Waste management, Fishing, Water, Purification & Desalination, Health, Nutrition, Green power.


Thursday, 11th of October, Espai del mar, Salon Náutico Barcelona.
For the winner: prize 100.000€ offered by our Partners: Amazon Web Services, McCann, Baker McKenzie, 4YFN.

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Salon Náutico Barcelona
Organised by Fira de Barcelona, with the collaboration of ANEN, the Barcelona Boat Show is the most important in Spain and the only one in the country recognised by the International Federation of Boat Show Organisers (IFBSO).
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