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La Specia, Festa della Marineria in Italy (+Video)

Fest della Marineria - La Specia

Biannual of art, culture and sea traditions – Festa della Marineria

The Festa della Marineria 2011 aims to make La Spezia a point of reference for all things related to the navy and the sea in Italy. But our ambition does not end here. Using the Festa della Marineria 2009 as a starting point, we began two years ago to transmit a new image of our city and our strengths.


This year we wish to bring to life an even greater event which emphasizes quality while transmitting an even stronger image of Liguria and of La Spezia, a city which looks to the sea as a resource, for production, tourism, culture, and socially. This is why we have conceived, since its beginnings, the Festa della Marineria as a great operation through which the city can reinforce the awareness of its great potential and speak of itself in these terms also abroad.

The Festa della Marineria is a unique event on the Italian panorama because it is so closely tied to our history, to our present, and to our future. It exists only in La Spezia because of the concentration of old and new excellences that the city possesses.

The program that we have put together is of the highest of levels, because we intend to make the Festa della Marineria 2011 an event to remember.



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