2018 Shenzhen International Boat Show (SIBEX)

Last Update: November 11th, 2018

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The curtain will be unveiled October 18th – 21st, 2018 at the Shenzhen Sevenstar Yacht Club.

Shenzhen International Boat Show (SIBEX) was created in 2007 with a world-acclaimed on-land and on-water display of yachts and luxury lifestyle.


Characterized by on-water display, Shenzhen International Boat Show has been standing on the highland of China yacht industry from the outset, attracting brand yachts from over 20 countries or regions to take part in, such as France, Italy, Britain, the USA, Australia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.

With over 100 luxurious boats on water, SIBEX has created an overwhelming display form, earning the title of honor ‘the Top On-water Boat Show of China’.

Relying on the favorable location being adjacent to Hong Kong and the strong consuming capacity of the Pearl River Delta as well as Hong Kong and Macao, SIBEX has grown into one of the largest domestic yacht transaction platforms and international communication platforms. A number of its core indexes rank high in China, which indicates the an unassailable lead of SIBEX.

● SIBEX attracts over 100 luxurious boats to display on water,which ranks first in China.
● The proportion of high-end audience reaches as high as 30.7%, being the top three in China.
● The on-spot turnover and orders of intent take lead in domestic boat shows. Both in 2011 and 2012, SIBEX has had an intention turnover of over 1 billion Chinese yuan.Especially during SIBEX2013, record expected turnover came up to 1.1 billion Chinese yuan.

SIBEX is committed to the introduction of the oceanic culture and giving a boost to boating consumption. During the Show, it held colorful oceanic cultural activities, providing a water-loving platform for citizens and setting up an outstanding example for the enterprises.There into,SIBEX ‘Golden Sail’ award ceremony rewards outstanding enterprises, products and individuals annually, making continuous efforts toward the ‘Oscar’ of China yacht industry.

SIBEX China (Shenzhen) Intl Boat Show
Shenzhen International Boat Show (SIBEX) was created in 2007 with a world-acclaimed on-land and on-water display of yachts and luxury lifestyle in one of China’s most premier private yacht club – Shenzhen Marina Club.
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