The Flying RIB © SEAir

The Flying RIB © SEAir

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Sailing of tomorrow, made available today – the Flying RIB © SEAir, an innovation « Made in France »



Forget the discomfort, the sea sickness and back-aching characteristics of semi-rigids ! The Flying RIB © provides stability and an unmatched sea worthiness due to the foils which function as shock absorbers. The decrease in required engine power and the reduction of the friction of water on the hull also provides a greater serenity with a boat that is less noisy and more discreet !


Active or deactivate the system by pressing on a simple button, beachable, berthing alongside a pontoon, and use your trailer as easily as before due to the retractable foils (electrically). This innovation has been designed so that is does not complicate the use the semi-rigid at all. Whether it’s your first boat or the replacement of your old model, you will be amazed at the ease with which it takes charge !


Be among the first to discover flight : this new way of navigating which tomorrow will be universal ! From speed and thrill seekers to those who favour family outings, all will be delighted by the boat handling behaviour of the Flying RIB ©.


The latest technological developments in competitive sailing at the service of your pleasure and the performance of your boat! The patented SEAir foiling system is a revolution for fuel consumption, speed and acceleration of the semi rigid.


  • Take off speed : 15 kts
  • Range of speed for optimal use : 20 to 25 kts
  • Ascertained lowering of fuel consumption: in the order of 30% (at some points more than 50%)
  • The boat stays practically flat, smoothly, until a choppy sea state of 50cms

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