Cagliari – Venues 3 of the Audi MedCup 2011

The island province’s capital is a bustling port in the south east of the island which has a rich historical heritage going back to before the 12th century. It was first settled by the Phoenicians who called it Karalis, or the city of rock, and then settled by the Carthaginians.

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The Romans built an ampihteatre and fine villas, but it was the 12th Century and the Pisans, the Aragonese and then the Dukes of Savoy who gave shape to the city. The citadel streets around the Marina and Stampace areas are lined with glorious19th Century buildings while the classic Via Roma, the which parallels the sea and in particular is the main street to cross from the city to Audi MedCup village, is in itself a step back into history – as well as a quiet spot to enjoy a morning cappuccino before the action begins.

Or climb from the Via Roma to the castle and marvel at the traditional Pisan and Aragonese architecture on the way up, before enjoying the vista from the top, looking west to the Santa Gilla lagoon and flats where the flamingo lounge lazily.

And a few steps back from the Via Roma are a myriad of narrow paved streets and passages replete with small traditional and modern trattoria offering a great range of keenly priced meals and snacks, not to mention the legendary ice-cream!

The race area is a favourite too, not just for its reliable winds which have blessed the Circuit each consecutive year since the first visit in 2008, but because of the flat waters which are the usual fayre in this big, deep open U-shaped bay. And when the Mistral blows down the valley from the north, accelerating along the lagoon and flatlands, fireworks are usually in evidence on the water, while the summer sea-breeze tops 12-14 knots and has been regular during past visits.

And just as the Audi MedCup Circuit has pioneered the waters of the Gulf of Angels venue, so too in recent years many other regional, European and world championships have followed suit to Cagliari.

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