AMELS celebrates its centennial milestone

Last Update: July 30th, 2018

AMELS is proud to be celebrating its centennial milestone.

A century of craftsmanship which has seen AMELS evolve from its origins as a Dutch boat builder into the largest luxury yacht building yard in the Netherlands. There is a deep respect for the diverse shipbuilding and naval heritage rooted in the company’s past and which continues to shape its future.


“AMELS has proved that the mix of history, craftsmanship and a willingness to adapt is a winning formula. In embracing change, AMELS has secured its future by growing and diversifying without ever losing sight of its roots,” comments AMELS Commercial Director Rose Damen. “As we look to the future, the combination of AMELS and DAMEN make us a strong competitor in yachting. It brings together resources, shipbuilding and experience whilst upholding the shared core values of trust, quality, promise and family.”

“When we acquired AMELS in 1991, it was an opportunity to grow our portfolio with yachts,” explains Kommer Damen, Chairman of Damen Shipyards Group. “We made the decision to apply our Limited Editions approach and it has proved to have no only regenerated AMELS but has also paved the way for larger Limited Editions and a return to full custom. We are very proud of what we have achieved and excited about the future.”

Dutch masters in the art of modern, high-value luxury yacht building. Discover AMELS Full Custom, Limited Editions, Yacht Support and our AMELS Refit Division. AMELS has been part of DAMEN Shipyards since 1991. Founded by two brothers in 1927, family-owned DAMEN is a multinational company based in the Netherlands.
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