Cape Town – Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12

Cape Town

Dominated by its immense flat-topped mountain, Cape Town sits at the convergence of two of the world’s great oceans, the Indian and the Atlantic.

Dubbed the Tavern of the Seas, Cape Town has been a welcome sight for sailors ever since man took to wandering the oceans in search of new lands, new trade and ever greater riches.

Today it still remains a major hub in terms of world trade, but for decades it has also been a vital stop in the ocean racing world. Apart from a brief hiccup when politics superseded sport, Cape Town has always featured in the Volvo Ocean Race and most races of its predecessor, the Whitbread. As a vital point to replenish supplies, fix the boat and fix the crew after the Atlantic and before the Indian and Southern Oceans they don’t come any better.

Aside from the looming mountain – always worth a visit via the cable car or, for the more hardy, via a breath-busting foot trail – the overarching impression of Cape Town is one of greenery. Huge trees, tropical gardens that encroach deep into the city, flowers in pots and baskets, everywhere the countryside infiltrates city boundaries.

Development is on every hand in this bustling town. Roads, flyovers, offices, houses; everywhere the eye lands there is new building. On the road from the airport where townships of ragged huts and shanties were once sprawled, new brick houses are springing up in neat rows, gardens, vegetable plots and schools showing the optimism of the Cape.

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