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SailBlogs is the leading provider of blogging and map tracking solutions for the sailing community. From weekend sailors to ocean racers and cruisers, SailBlogs provides members with web-based journals (blogs), photo and video galleries and map tracking for their adventures.
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  • Lion's Paw/Murar's Dream: Crossing the Strait Again May 24, 2018
    Although we have yet to reach our home dock in Eagle Harbor (being 10 miles north in Kingston for Memorial Day weekend), we have completed our May Canadian trip. The last few days have provided a bit of a different feel to this journey.
  • The Adventure Begins: We own a sailboat!! May 24, 2018
    Well it's official. We are now the proud owners of a Beneteau 423! I'll be moving her from Crowley's in Chicago to her new home in Kenosha, WI this weekend. Looking forward to a great summer!
  • Lajkasailing: May 24, 2018
    hej hej
  • Debi and Jack sailing on SV Iroquois: Lost in time May 24, 2018
    The trip down the Delaware was relatively uneventful given the amount of planning and fretting that it created. We saw a few barges. One of them yelled at me for changing course ( I veered sharply because I was too close to a channel buoy,and the bar …
  • Kenyalang II: 50 years of Adventure together and More to Come! May 24, 2018
    Bunny and Bill Fowler, my favorite sister and brother-in-law, hosted our wedding in Boulder Colorado, May 31, 1968. It was a remarkable year! Even CNN and The Smithsonian have taken note.
  • Lagoon 450 Moor R&R Kathryn Roper & Paul Rogers: The two hour day. May 24, 2018
    Yesterday I was awoken at 0530 by two cats, that had decided I should get up and feed them.Two hours later 0730 I jumped intwo the car two head down two Hope Island for coffee and a look at Sue and Greg's new boat.
  • Never Can Tell: Orkneys May 24, 2018
    On our way to a quite anchorage in Deer Sound at a place call Point of Od … very appropriate
  • Log of S/V TEVAI: New Crew May 24, 2018
    Well I have not been gone from Tevai for 24 hours and i already have a sander in my hand– with new crew Grandson Rafe.

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Norberto Moreau is co-founder of the Allied Management Ltd Consulting Group (Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Spain). The group and his associates have activities in Yachting, Properties, Events and Online Services.
Activity with own Projects (70%) / Consulting (30%).

Norberto Moreau is available for Business Consulting worldwide at Fairs, Regattas etc.
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