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Cruising World addresses the dedicated sailor with a keen interest in exploring the world's coastlines and oceans while cruising under sail. Cruising World aims to inspire and entertain through stories and pictures that underscore the beauty, fun and adventure of sailing, while providing practical information on the disciplines of seamanship, navigation and boat-handling. is part of the Bonnier Marine Group Network.
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  • Head Back to School With Cruisers U February 22, 2018
    How to Wondering where to get the skills to sail off into the sunset? Check out Cruisers University! Cruisers University, offering four days of instruction covering all aspects of the sailing life, takes place in Annapolis, MD, April 19-22, 2018. …
  • How To Store a Spinnaker Pole February 21, 2018
    How to Storing a pole on the mast keeps the decks clear of clutter. By hoisting the inboard end of a spinnaker pole up the mast, it's easier to control underway.
  • Keep Corrosion at Bay February 16, 2018
    How to There are well-proven ways to protect the metal on your sailboat. The key to preventing corrosion is to understand what causes it.
  • Improve Your Anchor Chain Locker February 16, 2018
    How to A Do-It-Yourselfer moves a chain locker to improve storage. By moving the chain locker, the boat owner improves his ability to anchor his boat.
  • New Boats, Gear and More at The 2018 Miami International Boat Show and Strictly Sail February 15, 2018
    Destinations CW writers take home awards at the annual Boating Writers International presentation at the opening of the show. Join us in Miami for boats, gear and more at the 2018 Miami International Boat Show and Strictly Sail…
  • Using Drogues And Sea Anchors February 15, 2018
    How to Sailors have a range of options to take on wind and waves that can push a vessel out of control. Take control of your vessel in rough waters using drogues and sea anchors…
  • Consider Your Bottom Paint Options February 13, 2018
    How to Pick the right antifoulding for where and how you sail your boat. There are any number of new bottom paint products now on the market.
  • Replacing Teak Decks is a Monumental Job February 13, 2018
    How to With able helpers replacing a ruined deck is possible. There's a lot of work required to remove old teak deck and replace it with a new core and fiberglass.

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