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This site has grown from an occasional blog into a well respected and widely ready resource for professionals in the yacht racing industry. Many of the sports decision makers consult for news about deals, appointments, media figures, marketing activity and issues surrounding sponsorship and return on investment.
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  • Extreme Series Media Value Numbers 2013 March 18, 2014
    The Extreme Sailing Series has released its media numbers for the 2013 season. The headline media value figure, calculated by Havas Sports & Entertainment Ignition is €35 million. In an area where numbers are hard to compare, the EXSS has used th …
  • Why Land Rover Sponsor Sailing March 12, 2014
    Land Rover has made a commitment use sailing as a key part of their marketing mix. Perhaps the most obvious activation of this strategy to date has been a partnership with the Extreme Sailing Series, which began in 2013 as a ‘toe in the water’ and in …
  • Ken Read’s Sailing Sponsorship Advice March 4, 2014
    Ken Read’s Keynote at the World Yacht Racing Forum was a big hit. His wide ranging speech can be read here. Below are the comments he made about raising sponsorship and what sailors and events still have to learn.   Clearly this is a big part of what …
  • Is Sailing Getting It’s Share of Sponsorship? March 12, 2013
    The sport of sailing offers sponsors a wide variety of options to promote their products and services to a desirable demographic with great brand associations. But many sailors aren’t doing themselves any favours when it comes to approaching companie …
  • Is Sponsorship Killing Sailing – A Few More Thoughts. January 22, 2013
    In late 2012, we published an opinion piece that ruffled a few feathers – which is good…. In particular, some commentators have characterised the editorial piece as being somehow anti-sponsorship or that it suggests sailing doesn’t need sponsorship. …
  • Is Sponsorship Killing Sailing? November 16, 2012
    The Volvo Ocean Race recently released a 133 page report into the previous edition. Much of that report was dedicated to the return on investment received by sponsors of the race. One of the findings of the report was that sponsors of sailing can get …
  • Making the Most of a New Sailing Sponsorship Trend. October 25, 2012
    There is a new trend growing in sailing sponsorship. With the stream of government backed regional promotion money drying up – especially in Europe, new angles need to be found to convince companies to invest in the sport. Luckily, there is a group o …
  • Sailing Sponsorship News Digest September 28, 2012
    Want to get the latest sailing sponsorship news in your inbox? Our weekly email is curated by expert editors to cut out the PR spin and only give you the sailing sponsorship news you need to know. Subscribe Now Marinepool Sponsors Chinese Offshore Re …


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Norberto Moreau is available for Business Consulting worldwide at Fairs, Regattas etc.
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