Taiwan International Boat Show 2018 opens

From March 15-18, the latest innovations in sail and power boats – including superyachts and related equipment – will be displayed inside the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center and outside on the water at Horizon City Marina and the newly built Kha Shing Pier 22.

A busy itinerary of events has been scheduled for yachting professionals at before the 2018 Taiwan the show, including seminars, yacht design International Boat Show workshops, and one-on-one procurement (TIBS) opens its doors to meetings to help boost sales.


The head of the Taiwan Yacht Industry Association (TYIA), Kha Shing’s Howard Gung who is a strong advocate of getting locals out onto the water says:

“The next three years will see a big increase in industry growth”


Taiwan also has a solid international reputation for producing high-quality custom yachts at a competitive price, and its world status continues to grow. According to Showboat International’s 2017 Global Order Book, Taiwan is now the fth-largest producer of yachts over 24m (79ft) and the biggest in all of Asia. Kaohsiung itself is home to 80% of the nation’s 36 yacht- builders, with the average size of vessel well over 50ft in length. All of Taiwan’s main boatbuilders will be at TIBS 2018 to display their latest models. Participating shipyards include Kha Shing, Johnson Yachts, Ocean Alexander, Horizon, Nova Marine, Dyna Yachts, Cadcam Marine and many more.

According to Howard Gung, chairman of the Taiwan Yacht Industry Association (TYIA), annual output for the sector is estimated at around US$180m, with yachts ranging from 50ft-120ft supporting a workforce of 2,500.

Kaohsiung is also home to a substantial cluster of marine equipment and accessories rms that feed the supply chain of the yacht industry both within Taiwan and overseas. Participating in TIBS 2018 are domestic equipment rms like Atech Composites, ANewPow, Marineer, Capital Machinery, Himan Tech Diesel and others.

According to customs statistics (by Taiwan Trade Shows), Taiwan is the fifth largest exporter of the yachts and the largest cruise ship manufacturing country in Asia. The the largest yacht product is reaching 6,196 feet.

Deals with Indonesia

The Director of Economic Division of Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO) in Indonesia, Jack Chen-Huan Hsiao, hopes Indonesia can cooperate with Taiwan in producing domestic ships. It is calculated that Indonesia as a maritime country will need many ships.

“We hope that between Taiwan and Indonesia can become business partners to produce Indonesian-made ship for local purposes,” said Jack

China and Taiwan

With the opening of the 2018 Taiwan Boat Show exhibitors also debate the political situation related to Taiwan’s independence. A bespoken topic on the show is the forcible seizure of the self-ruled island. It is said that Beijing is reinforcing its “carrot and stick” approach to deal with Taiwan’s independence.
The Taiwan issue has remain prominent on the Xi’s agenda, specially after the removal of the presidential term limits. Xi’s goal of “national rejuvenation” includes Taiwan’s integration or better to say takeover.

NauticWebNews will open a section about the political situation like done related to Catalonia / Barcelona Spain.
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Our yachting magazine NauticWebNews.com will have a representative on the fair from 15-18 March.

The fair is organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade (taitra.org.tw | Ministry of Economic Affairs).

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