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The industry has come up with something! Yachting Trends 2018

Last Update: October 3rd, 2018

The trends in 2018 in the yacht industry with motor boats, sailing yachts, catamarans, electric drives and residential boats. One of the first big fairs in the new year presents details.

Sailing Yachtdesign 2018. Fast, individual, flexible – New yachts have to meet many requirements. The trend for rather wider sterns, flexible crew size & foils.


Sailing Yachtdesign 2018


Developments in motoryacht design 2018. Desire for a pinch of James Bond? Racing a boat in a martial macho-design spectacularly through the waves of the open sea? Or would you prefer to navigate relaxed and emission-free along inland waterways? Impressive luxury or just your small bit of happiness: everything is possible.

Developments in Motoryacht Design 2018


Multihull Yachts Design 2018. The split between fast multihulls for sailing purists and luxurious cruising cats for living on the water.

Trends 2018 in Multihull Yachts


Developments in marine e-mobility 2018. The technology suitable for everyday use is already there, even if it is still being improved almost on a daily basis. E-drives are not cheap, but also not so expensive anymore that only eccentrics and idealists are willing to afford it.

Developments in marine e-mobility 2018


The dream of living on board: Houseboats. To set up your dwelling place on water rather than on land is currently a big dream for many. Whether in an urban or a more idyllic setting, right in the city centre or closer to nature on a river or remote lake. Whether permanently or just for a certain amount of time.

The dream of living on board: Houseboats


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