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EGO, the South Korean all-electric semi-submarine http://en.nauticwebnews.com/1013

EGO, the South Korean all-electric semi-submarine

If one vehicle stood out amongst the power boats, kayaks and yachts at the Miami International Boat Show, it was the EGO – an all-electric semi- submarine by South Korean manufacturer Raonhaje.

The personal semi-sub has an underwater cockpit that’s flanked on three sides by thick, acrylic glass. Up top, above the water, the central hull has two pontoons for both buoyancy and sunbathing. You can also see the view above the ocean on the cabin’s LCD monitor, which is linked to a high resolution camera up top.

The big draw to the EGO, says Raonhaje, is how easy it is to operate. Instead of a typical boat-style throttle lever, the sub has a foot-pedal located under the dashboard, just like a car. There’s also a steering wheel, and a simple forward/backwards toggle switch.

The all-electric vehicle will comfortably run for about eight hours at cruising speed, and four hours at four knots, the boat’s top speed. Plug it in to the mains to charge up the battery, and you’re looking at a six to nine hour charging period.

The EGO will be available to buy from October 2011, but a price hasn’t yet been announced. A four-seat version is under development.

Source: http://www.wired.co.uk


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